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nekkid fatty

  1. Ron_L

    Pastrami, a Nekkid Fatty, and A Beer :-D

    When corned beef is on sale we always buy extra to make pastrami and to toss in the freezer for later. I did one for pastrami yesterday using Thirdeye’s recipe and pressure finish. I set up my PK360 for indirect cooking...
  2. B

    Some ribs, a fatty, and a pork loin walk into a smoker...

    I finally got some time to fire up the UDS the other day so I raided the freezer to see what I could find. I came back with two racks of ribs, some breakfast sausage, and a pork loin. After a quick run to the store I had a kielbasa as well. It was a very porky day! Wife doesn’t eat ribs and...