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  1. ShadowDriver

    Monday Night Nachos on the High Plains (w/Pr0n)

    Thanks to Vicdog and the recent Brethren Trade Round, I received a sampler pack of Emporium Taco Seasoning. I left work with a hankering for Mexican cuisine. CINCHOUSE agreed. I hit La Espiga De Oro (local Mexi-mart... is that a thing?) for some supplies. Whipped up some frijoles with New...
  2. ShadowDriver

    Extra SteveKing's Barbacoa? Nacho Problem!

    I tell you what... ("What?") SteveKing's Barbacoa Recipe is farkin' amazing and it sure does keep well. Had some "extra" from one of my vac-sealed packs used this week. Also, had some chips, beans, green chile queso, and salsa from a hastily ordered & picked-up take-out dinner on Friday night...
  3. GQue

    BBQ Brisket nachos - Homemade Beer cheese sauce

    In this video I share with you one of my favorite gameday eats. Brisket Nachos - Beer cheese sauce - Grilled jalapeños
  4. D

    Deluxe Carne Asada Nachos

    Appetizers come in so many forms. One appetizer dish that is served at many restaurants is Nachos. I wanted to make some but push it up a notch or 2 with Deluxe Carne Asada Nachos. First I picked up some fresh tortilla chips at the local tortilleria. (Note: Esperanza’s is where I get all my...
  5. slow-smoker

    Leftover Brisket idea #23 - Nachos!

    I had scant little leftovers from my last brisket. Not enough to make a meal, but enough for a tasty snack, so I chopped the last few pieces small and used them to make a batch of nachos. I added some Ranch Style beans (seasoned with chili powder), Jalapeños, and Mexican style 3-cheese mixture...