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mystery meat

  1. Melissaredhead

    Smoke Ninja Inspired Faux Faux Faux burnt ends

    Smoke ninja made some faux faux BE using chuck the other day and I thought they looked so good I thought I'd try them too. He smoked the chuck to his liking, wrapped and cubed. Looked spectacular. Here's ninja's cook thread...
  2. bigabyte

    BBQ Brethren "Lesser Known Cuts of Meat" Throwdown!

    Our new category is... "Lesser Known Cuts of Meat!" Anyone know what kind of meat this is? chosen by ---k---, the winner of the Saucy Throwdown! The title speaks for itself.:nod: The rest is up to you!:thumb: There are no special rules.:tsk: Click here to read the rules for the BBQ...
  3. bigabyte

    My take on Fast Food Ribs...

    I have really been longing to make a visit to Burger King to savor some of their new BBQ Pork Ribs, but I have been so busy I have not been able to take the time to get fast food. I find myself wondering how they make their ribs.:confused: I mean, when I make ribs, it takes several hours, yet...