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  1. bigabyte

    BBQ Brethren *OFFICIAL* IMBAS MOINK Ball Certificates now available!

    Against my better judgement, and with the authorization of both the IMBAS and the BBQ Brethren, I am pleased to announce that submissions for MOINK certification are now being accepted. There have been some "unofficial" certificates floating around recently. These are different, these are...
  2. L

    MOINK (part II) pr0n (and a few turkey pieces) ala Little Dick

    Greetings, I whipped up a second batch o' MOINK balls today, this time for a SECOND Thanksgiving at the in-laws. I started with smaller meatballs. This time, I hope the IMBAS notices that these are BEEF meatballs (plus plenty of other stuff...geez!). I rolled 'em in rub... ...and...
  3. R

    MOINKS pron (Sous Vide then BBQ'd)

    I'm always trying something different so for SB Sunday wanted to do MOINKS, cooked sous vide then finished on the BBQ. Laid down Saran Wrap, placed bacon then meatball. Seasoned bacon with Plowboys Yardbird. No toothpicks required! Wrapped them individually, then placed them in sous...
  4. bigabyte

    Sweet and Sour MOINK

    I went out for some Chinese today, despite the cold air and the snow. I thought this was a proper arrangement to start things off. I put these on the kettle offset with coals on one side. A little while later I turned them. A little while more and I put some Sweet and Sour sauce on them...
  5. bigabyte

    MOINK Ball Sliders

    I put some MOINK in a pan... and covered them with Marinara. I took some slider buns... And toasted the bottom half of each of them with butter and parmesan... Then I put a MOINK with Marinara on each bottom slider bun piece and topped with some Provolone... And put a Basil leaf on...
  6. J

    First MOINK Balls

    I'm going to try MOINK balls today. My wife wonders how we're going to eat appetizers for supper...I told her we'd manage. :-D Here is some early PRON: Getting Ready (I used All-Beef Italian Meatballs and dusted them lightly with Famous Dave's Rib Rub): In the kitchen: Smoker has been...
  7. bigabyte

    My MOINK Ball Day MOINKery

    Happy MOINK Ball Day everyone! I hope you all are having, and/or will have a MOINKy day!:cool: Today I recruited some help to make my MOINK. But, then she had to go do diaper duty leaving the rest of the work to me. It's just me and Lucy at home for dinner tonight. So I did not make a ton...
  8. landarc

    Bob's MOINK burger

    (Please note, use of the word MOINK in this context was submitted and approved with comment by IMBAS) I felt it was time to re-enter the fray and make a Brethren Throwdown entry again. So, burgers it would be, but, how to make something a little different, There would be so many good burgers...
  9. BBQ Grail

    Attention Certified MOINK Ballers

    There is now a Certified MOINK Ballers Social Group. If you are a certified MOINK Baller (or have aspirations to become one) please join. I would very much like each person who as a certificate to join AND post a picture of you holding...
  10. B

    dumb MOINK ball question

    First off ill say that im a horrible cook and normally burn toast. I built my first UDS and want to cook some MOINK balls and a fatty this weekend to see how bad i can screw it up. I tried to search for the answer to this question but maybe its so dumb nobody else has had to ask it. :confused...
  11. bigabyte

    Application for MOINK Certification

    I want Ginger to judge these. She sounds like she knows a good submission from a bad one. So these are the meatballs I picked up at the store. I hope Ginger finds my package acceptable. I wrapped them with extra thick bacon just to make sure they didn't fall out. I won't describe what...