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    Adventures with the HD, and NSF Cookers

    Well, thanks to many of for all the support, questions answered, and ideas challenged. In all scenarios below, I would be prepping all sides at the kitchen, and cooking the meats on-site. It may also help if I clarify that Minneapolis is within Hennepin county, but they are under their own...
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    Best trailer smokers

    Hey folks. I have been getting ready to start catering here in MN. Also looking to do some vending at fairs and such. What are some of the better trailer smokers that could accommodate a starter like myself? Been looking at the Jambo's, Pitmaker's, Klose, Holstein.
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    St. Croix Valley Brew-B-Que, Stillwater, MN May 26

    Hello, just wanted to post about the St. Croix Valley Brew-B-Que, a (non-sanctioned) beer and bbq festival in Stillwater, MN this May 26th. Looking for additional cooks for a rib and wing competition during this benefit bbq competition for Valley Outreach, a local food shelf. You show up and...