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  1. chefman316

    How the McRib is made...

    Just in case you want to know :o) Our food. Your questions. What are McRib patties made of? - YouTube
  2. J

    McRib theories

    Hey guys, I came to the Throwdown section, thinking it would already be lit up with a new McRib challenge since "it's baaaaack". But perhaps everyone still has a hangover from the last one? :sick: Anyway, I found this article with some interesting conspiracy theories about its timing...
  3. bigabyte

    Farking Fugitive McRib Rant FARK!

    I'm farking PI$$ED OFF!!!:yell: Today I voted for the people who I think best represent this country, and not the farking left-wing-liberal commie-pinko tree-huggin hemp-wearin camel-humpin climate-changin terrorist-kissin whale-savin Lenin-lovin Fidel-philanderin Che-shaggin PETA-partnerin...
  4. bigabyte

    My take on Fast Food Ribs...

    I have really been longing to make a visit to Burger King to savor some of their new BBQ Pork Ribs, but I have been so busy I have not been able to take the time to get fast food. I find myself wondering how they make their ribs.:confused: I mean, when I make ribs, it takes several hours, yet...