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  1. captjoe06

    What temps do you quote when you're cooking- Lid Temp or Grate Temp?

    Fired up the performer for some chicken wings and took this pic to show the disparity between the lid thermometer and grate temp- Vastly different. I usually go by the grate temp as reported by the Maverick, how bout you? Do you take note of what the differences are so you can adjust in your...
  2. M

    Brinkmann Gourmet Probe Mod

    How do I run a probe for Brinkmann Gourmet. Want to make a grommet or small hole to pass the probe wires through for a maverick wireless. What is specific part should I buy at HD. Also a general probe question, when taking temp for the grate, do I need to put tip of probe through a small block...
  3. woodsider

    Anyone with Tappecue experience yet?

    Looking for a good range, four-probe thermometer. There is a thread on Tappecue from early this year but no one seemed to actually use it and tell us about how well it works (or not). If you have actually used the Tappecue system, how well does it work? Are you happy with it? Since it is...
  4. jetfxr27

    Review and side by side of the wGrill wifi Thermometer from and the iGrill

    This is a review of the wGrill V2 from the BBQ Brethren member woodpelletsmoker @ I have reviewed some of Wang's other items and this review will be the same. Open and honest. Here we go!! Full disclosure: woodpelletsmoker gave me this item as a demo to review based off...
  5. S

    Maverick and foiled but

    I normally pull the meat therm out when I foil. The only time I tried to leave it in, it was reading way high (I think the foil touching it). Is there a good way to leave the meat therm in a foiled but? Thank you
  6. S

    Is the ET-733 what I need?

    On Friday, I placed an order for an ET-733. Over the weekend, I did lots of reading and the multitude of options has me second-guessing... I'd like to see what you guys have to say. In using my HB Legacy for general grilling and moving into smoking, I would like to get a better idea of the grate...
  7. C

    Maverick Accuracy Issues

    I got suspicious about the quality of the readings from my Maverick, so I bought a Thermoworks TW8060 to test it against...the difference in accuracy is really bad. The Maverick meat probe is ~20 degrees high and the smoke box probe is incredibly lags hugely. Eventually the Maverick...