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lonestar grillz


    Got the Dream E-mail from LSG!!!!

    She's on her way, boyz! Brand new "mini" IVC totally decked out from LSG! Ordered April 29.....nearly 16 will TOTALLY be worth it! Can't wait to see this beaut and roll some smoke. First cook video ideas?!?!?

    With Pics on the New LSG Offset: Honey Killer Bee Pork Belly & Raspberry Habanero Baby Back Ribs

    And a pork butt to boot! So, Saturday was above average ;) I have the hardest time remembering to take pics at the END of the cook because A) I'm HUNGRY!! and B) I'm taking vids for my channel. So pics get forgotten in the shuffle. Sorry :/ But below are the pics I've got! If you want to...

    4th of July Smashburgers on LSG Firebox Griddle! Pics & Video

    Didn't have enough time to smoke on the 4th due to travel plans. Needed a quick, easy cook, but wanted it to be DEEEEElicious. Solution? Smashburgers! long will it take me to heat up my offset cooker firebox so I can try out my new griddle? I don't feel like doing that experiment...
  4. R

    Tuning plate trouble

    Hello all. I'm new to this site and first let me say I'm a novice cooker and I just purchased a lone star grillz 24"x24"x36" vertical offset smoker. I've been trying to dial the cooker in and get an even temperature across the pit which I can't seem to accomplish. The pit comes standard with two...
  5. S

    Lonestar Grillz in Indiana or KC

    I am interested in getting a LSG vertical cabinet smoker. I have both a stick smoker and pellet grill. I like the taste of the stick smoker and the convenience of the pellet grill. Has anyone got their fire going on a LSG, then just use wood with a GURU, vs mostly charcoal with wood chunks as...
  6. txags2011

    weekend party rundown with all the meats!

    This past weekend we hosted a gathering for everyone to come hang out, watch college football, and eat tons of 'que. I gathered 9 TV's and cable boxes (FiOS for the win) from friends and family and had them spread around my house like a sports bar, set up cornhole and ladder toss, even had a...
  7. F

    Lone star grillz

    I bought a new 24x48 off set smoker with a vertical smoker/ warming box attached to it from Lonestar grillz five months ago. When it arrived to my house it was wrapped in card board boxes and surran wrap. As I was taking it all off, I noticed the smoker stack was broken, it had deep scratches on...