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lang 48 deluxe

  1. T

    Lang 36 Stretch Deluxe or the 48?

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to decide between the Lang 36 Stretch Deluxe & the 48 Deluxe. Anyone have an opinion on this? Also, any customizations I should consider? Thanks so much! Donnie
  2. Bama Q

    Lang 48 verses Lang 48 Deluxe???

    Lang 48 verses Lang 48 Deluxe??? Can't make up my mind, the only difference that I can see is the holding box. About $500.00 dollars more. Pricey for for a small holding box. I like using a holding box. Has any body used or around a lang 48 deluxe. Is this box usable or just show?? I would like...