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la caja china

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    Making my First Whole Hog

    My birthday is this month and to celebrate my 37th year of existence I am inviting 50 people over to eat, drink and be merry. I've decided to go big or go home and am preparing a whole hog. I am borrowing a buddies La Caja China to do the cook in. I have watched many videos and researched what...
  2. V

    La Caja China (Pics)

    Hi All, I am new here but I hope to post often and show you all my amateur attempts at outdoor and some indoor cooking. Here are some recent pics of roasted chicken and spare ribs on my new La Caja China...
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    Thoughts on a "Roasting Box"

    I've always been interested in a La Caja China cooker. Anyone own one know of soemone that on...or your thoughts in general on the matter are always appreciated!