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  1. B

    New Heavy Duty SS Grate for Weber 22” Kettle

    Hunsaker Smokers just came out with a new heavy duty SS replacement grate for the Weber 22” Kettle. Looks like it is a good option for those who are looking for something similar to what Killa Grilla offered. They are having a pre-order sale and also a Father’s Day sale of $15 off if you...
  2. S

    Weber Kettle Raised Grate

    Howdy, I was wondering if anybody knows where to get clips to raise the cooking grate around 1.5"-2"? I'm open to other suggestions as long as they work with a diffuser plate. Thank you.
  3. S

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey guys, I just wanted wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. And give a peek of what I'm smoking for today's dinner:
  4. A

    Tonight’s dinner: A tease...

  5. D

    Chili and Eggs Breakfast Skillet on the Redhead

    With a “Served With Chili” and a “Kettle Cook-Off” Throwdown going on I decided to go for the coveted Two-fer with this dish. I make something known as a Mexican Egg Skillet almost every week. Since I had some leftover Chili from the following link...
  6. A

    Who “needs” a stickburner? (don’t tell my wife)

    Wife asked what we should have for dinner this past week. Saw that Kroger had pork butts on sale, so I suggested pulled pork tacos as an excuse to try out the slow’n sear that I got for Christmas (Never mind that I still have some frozen pulled pork from my last cook, Shh!). Didn’t get a chance...
  7. E

    Cast Iron Grill Grate - Upkeep

    Hi all. I just ordered a cast iron grill grate for my weber kettle and was wondering if I need to do anything special to keep it's condition up. Thanks for any advice!
  8. West River BBQ

    Looking to add to the stable

    I'm thinking about adding a portable smoker to cook along-side my cabinet. It will mostly be for running hot, 300+ for chicken and the like. I've been interested in a UDS but I'd rather not spend so much. Any thoughts on how a kettle would work out? Is it worth the extra money to get a drum...
  9. D

    Chicken Sharwarma on the Kettle!

    Chicken is my wife’s favorite and I like to mix it up so for the Kettle Throwdown I went with a Chicken Shawarma feast. Started out the night before making some Tzatziki. Here are the ingredients: (From Chef John on 2 cups Greek yogurt 1 large cucumber, peeled, grated...
  10. D

    Weber makes a Red Kettle – Whaaat?

    I recently watched some YouTube videos by Baby Back Maniac where he reviewed the new Weber Limited Edition Red Kettle. I was immediately drawn to the red color for some reason. :becky: Since I already had a standard black kettle and I didn’t have an extra $200.00 burning a hole in my pocket I...
  11. M

    First Time Pizza Cook

    Here's how it went: 1)Full chimney of KBB arranged around the inside of the kettle 2) Once coals were ready I placed three big chunks of Apple/Oak to add fire to the cook 3) I placed the stone on the grate and waited until the side closest to the fire was above 550 degrees 4) Put the lid about...
  12. M

    Weber kettle and WSM Family shirt and sticker

    Okay, I am always on the look out for cool BBQ shirts or stickers, and I finally found something to slap on the back of my truck. It's like of all those dumb Stick Family bumper stickers I see on the back of every van, but this one is for me and my WEBERS!!! just select the sticker option...
  13. C

    *Opinions* Weber Premium 22" vs. 26" Price Difference

    So I've done some research on the 26" Weber Premium Kettle - not really interested in buying it, just some b.s. research - and I see that there is a lot to like about it. The size is great, and the bottom-mounted airflow and ash clean out gimmick that Weber has on the Kettles now is great, to...
  14. T

    Will a Weber Smoker Lid fit on a Kettle???

    Hey Gents, Long time lurker here. You guys are all awesome and seem to know your stuff and come here often for tips and tricks and I need some input that may seem like common sense: Due to a move and a few strange circumstances, I have gotten rid of my 18" WSM and am currently in possession of...
  15. Smoke on Badger Mountain

    Tri-Tip on the Weber (pics)

    My wife's cousins are up on the mountain visiting this week. They surprised my with a couple of tri-tips. (very nice of them) So tonight after work was the right time to cook them up. A little olive oil and Montreal and on they went. Given the time and the quantity of meat. I decided to go with...
  16. C

    Used 22.5 WSM (vs kettle)

    Long time proud owner of a OTS here. I smoke and grill on it. I've never owned anything else. Probably my favorite possession due to its simplicity and functional use. I have an opportunity to purchase a used WSM 22.5" for $150. Considerations for purchase are: is it right price? I have...
  17. N

    Any rotisserie recommendations?

    Reading the thread on the "Fill it and Grill it" rotisserie basket got me wondering...what rotisserie do folks have and would recommend for use in their kettle? Thanks.
  18. C

    Ash on food in a kettle

    Any thoughts on probable causes for ash on my brats? Cooking on a OTS, 2/3 chimney of stubbs briqs, 1/3 lump, lit with a parafin starter in the cooker. Dumped the chimney and let the kettle heat for about 30 minutes. Seemingly a good clean burn. Bottom vents open about halfway, top open...
  19. M

    Craigslist Field Guide to Identifying Weber Grills

    Craigslist is a great place to pick up used Weber kettle grills for cheap. However, oftentimes the sellers don't include the specs, i.e. 18.5" or 22.5" models, and sometimes 18's and 22's look the same in a picture. I made this Weber kettle "field guide" that includes the key field marks to...
  20. D

    Mother’s Day Cook on Mothers Kettle

    My Mother in Law had an old Weber kettle sitting on her deck that she just gave to me. I posted some pics of it in a thread called “Is this a Weber”. John Setzler confirmed it and provided a link showing it was made in 1988. It was not in great condition but not bad either. So for Mother’s Day I...