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jamaican jerk

  1. ShadowDriver

    Return to Wings in the 505 - w/ Pr0n

    It's Sunday. That makes it the day for Wings & Football in our house. It's nice to finally be back here again. Wicken Yanks Smoked Buffalo & Momma's Homemade Jamaican Jerk on the menu. Munchkin had 2 wings split and coated with SPOG. Hit the Future Jamaican Jerk w/ SPOG before grilling...
  2. ShadowDriver

    Wingin' it on the High Plains - w/ Pr0n

    As I mentioned yesterday, CINCHOUSE had me whip up a batch of "Rocket Around the Christmas Tree Sauce" from a recipe I last used in 2012 to feed the people of Wicken, East Cambridgeshire, UK. I used all 4 Scotch Bonnets I had on-hand... and we wished for more. Must be a weak harvest this...
  3. ShadowDriver

    Welcome Home Wings on the High Plains - w/ Pr0n

    Long Weds saw us make it ALL the way back to NM from Hawai'i on one tank of gas. Made it home before the end of my 20th Anniversary, and awoke to deliver presents to our beloved Munchkin. It's not every day that Daddy comes home with a new Hawai'ian dress and a new stuffed turtle named Pono...
  4. ShadowDriver

    High Plains Stormy Wings w/ Pr0n!

    Yesterday evening, until about 0300 this morning was a light show of sorts. The folks up around Hereford and Amarillo dealt with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that formed just NE of our place. (SDAR - you folks fare OK!?) I fought through the mess to get dinner on the table: Sunday Night...
  5. ShadowDriver

    High Plains Blazin' Sunday Shenanigans - Wings! (w/ Pr0n)

    Yes, it's another installment in this summer's "Blazin' Sunday" series with temps hot enough that our munchkin couldn't stand to get on the swings or slide down the slide at the playground :sad: We've retreated to the relative comfort of overhead ceiling fans and cold beverages and naps (for...
  6. PigskinBarbeque

    Coke-a-cola jerk chicken

    Jamaican Jerk is one of my favorite seasonings and I often visit the Jamaican eateries in my city ordering their Jerk chicken, pork, shrimp and more. Well, my family wanted barbeque chicken and I took the opportunity to make chicken the way they like it, with Kansas City Kryptonite and also to...
  7. Bogus Chezz Hawg

    3 Excellent Jerk Recipes - Paste, Marinade, & Dry Rub

    Ya Mon! Enjoy! :cool: Please let me know if you like 'em when you try 'em. Use the paste or marinade recipes below for chicken, beef, or pork (or whatever you like). <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jerk Paste (My personal favorite) Pastes made of spices, herbs...
  8. S

    Good Jerk Rub

    Can anyone provide me with a good jerk recipe for chicken? Thanks