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  1. D

    Edamame Zucchini Chicken Spaghetti

    Being as both my wife and I are still on WW, I’m always looking for ways to bulk up meals with low to no calorie ingredients to make them more filling. And to top it off, it’s only 3 points and it’s fairly is easy to make. First off, here are the ingredients. Recipe: 2 oz. of uncooked...
  2. D

    Italian Faire Cook Part 3 - Osso Buco over Risotto alla Milanese

    First I made up some baguettes for garlic toast. Link: Then I made up some Risotto alla Milanese. Link: Now I went about making the Osso Buco. Here are...
  3. D

    Italian Faire Cook Part 2 - Risotto alla Milanese

    Part 2 of my Italian cook was to make up some Risotto alla Milanese. Here are most the ingredients. I took 1/2 tsp. of saffron and crushed it in this measuring cup. I then poured in 1 cup of chicken stock. I simmered this plus 3 more cups of stock in this sauce pan. I sautéed...
  4. D

    Italian Faire Cook Part 1 - Garlic Toast

    Part one of my Italian cook was baking some bread for garlic toast. I started out by making up some dough for baguettes the night before. Here it is after proofing overnight. I scooped this out onto my well-floured pastry mat and formed it into a ball. I then cut this into thirds and formed...
  5. Gore

    Cooking with the Master: Episode XIX, Italian

    What follows is the transcript of “Cooking with the Master: Italian, Episode XIX” I (Gore): Wow, what's going on? It looks like we're filming a new episode. I thought we jumped the shark? Master: Correction, Gore, we almost jumped the shark. You may recall in the last episode that just as we...
  6. J

    Italian ABTs

    OK, Brethren, So, here's what I'm thinking for my Italian night recipe that I queried about last weekend... Italian ABTs Ingredients: Jalapenos (of course) 12 oz whipped Cream cheese "Parmesan mix" (Parmesan, Asiago, Romano, Fontina) Baby Basil Capocollo (not sure if I will quickly sear it...
  7. Glenn_S

    A twist on a fatty?

    Ok, so I'm trying my first fatties, with a twist. I have a couple on right now, However, I am using sweet italian sausage and have one of the two stuffed with a link of chorizo. We'll see how my first shot at these goes. I'll know in about 3 hours! Glenn