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  1. R

    Holding turkey/grits/Mac n cheese

    This topic/question is 3 fold. Alright, so I love jalapeño cheese grits (I use polenta) and I am wondering how you guys who are serving them are holding them to where they don’t solidify. Bain marie? I’ve talked with the owner of Cattleack and he mentioned they vacuum seal and hold in their...
  2. B

    Holding Ribs help

    I’ve been asked to cook a party for a co-worker. I am not a caterer and this is simply a favor for a friend. The amount of people is 150. The menu is ribs, tri tip and 3 sides. I cook on a Lang 84. My question is, although I have cooked for large groups before, I’ve had access to additional...
  3. T

    Holding meat pies in Cambros?

    Hello fellow bretheren, I am hosting a family company party and doiing catering also for it(lots of work). The main theme was potpies, we have a mix of meat pies, steak/kidney, chicken pot pies and beef/vegetable pies. There will be approx 150 in total made but can only fit about 30 in oven at...
  4. G

    Holding Ribs (Keeping Warm and Moist)

    Cooker ran a bit hot and the ribs were done an hour before I was ready for them. I wrapped the racks separately in foil and put them in the holding cooler with the Pork and Brisket. I added no extra liquid; I'm thinking that was my mistake. An hour later I pulled them for presentation, they had...
  5. P

    Hot Holding Cabinets

    I'm searching for any advice on holding cabinets. I have a restaurant in which I need to hold finished meat for service. 1) Can anyone recommend either a humidified or not cabinet? 2) Does anyone have experience with Henny Penny brand cabinets and display cases?? 3) Can anyone recommend...
  6. Smokesman

    Holding whole brisket/pork long term in heated cabinet?

    Hi Gang, We have been vending in our area for several months now with excellent success. Serving very fresh brisket and pork is one reason for the success but on occasion (competition weekends primarily) we have found the need to cook, refrigerate, and reheat our vending meats a day in...