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high temp

  1. C

    Anyone else prefer smoking at high-temp?

    So, I've been in the market for an inexpensive new smoker lately, and am having trouble finding one. A lot of the reason is because all these ratings and reviews on websites are from people only talking about smoking turkeys or burgers at 200°. That got me wondering; am I the only guy that likes...
  2. A

    Temp. trouble with my new Fatboy. HELP!!!

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, hope I'm putting it in the right spot. My wife and I bought a Backwoods Fatboy about a month ago and we're having temperature problems. Specifically, we can't maintain a low enough temp. Seems no matter what we do, we can't smoke below 250 or so. We've...
  3. H

    Hi temp silicone gasket

    Looking for tips on using hi temp RTV to improve the seal on my NBBD. I guess you would clean the metal you want it to stick to and lightly oil or grease the opposite surface to release it after it cures? ? Any other tips?