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gravity fed

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    Gravity Feed Question

    I recently got an Old Country Gravity Fed smoker, and besides the initial seasoning, I've done one cook on it (some ribs) which turned out very well. I used Jealous devil briquettes. After it cooled off, I opened the door to the ash compartment and the hickory chunk I had put in there hadn't...
  2. R

    Gravity fed smoker advice

    Just finishing up my home built gravity fed smoker. I'm planning on my first cook this weekend, nothing fancy just a smallish chuck roast and a pork roast from the freezer that need to be cooked. Seeing as I have never actually seen a gravity fed smoker in person before (just tv and youtube) any...
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    Myron Mixon V9 or Stumps XL Baby?

    I'm upgrading from my BGE to increase capacity and am having trouble deciding between these 2 gravity fed smokers. Both are about the same price/capacity. Both look to be pretty high quality with good reputations. I've found more reviews on the Stumps but am leaning towards the Myron Mixon at...
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    Convert Commercial Oven to Gravity Cooker

    This is my first post, but I have been reading and learning from so many of you over the past year. Today, I finally have something to share that I think some of you may find interesting. Ever since I learned about the gravity smokers when I saw a "Stump" at a local BBQ competition, I knew I...
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    foppa's Assassin 28. (picture heavy)

    Several of the Assassin threads last fall had me drooling. I had been highly intrigued by these gravity fed smokers. I decided to pull the trigger on a new Assassin 28 and it arrived last Thursday. It's been posted many times but I also wanted to echo how great it was to work with Jeff and...