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  1. R

    Char-Broil Masterflame 7000

    Hey guys. My wife picked up a grill that I have been refurbing just to have a good quick gas grill out at our garden. It is a Char-Broil Masterflame 7000. I have upgraded the igniter to a battery powered version and have cleaned and repainted it and put it all back together. I purchased a...
  2. I

    New member old BBQ'er So Cal

    Hello everyone. I'm a new member and I am getting ready to build a BBQ island in the next few months. If anyone knows me I don't pay full price for anything and I'm cheap! So I am planing a budget build with natural gas accessories. I want the $499 Char-broil tru-RED grill but can't afford it...
  3. grilling24x7

    A few turkey fryer tips?

    I've never used this propane fueled deep fryer before and I have a few questions. If anyone wants to chime in with tips please do so. This is a standard Brinkman turkey fryer with big pot and propane attachment. I plan on doing two turkeys on Christmas day. 1. Do you prefer to use the large...
  4. S

    Gas or Ceramic Smoker

    I have a WSM smoker...great smoker. But with the WSM smoker I usually have to wait too long until I have the spare time to spend tending, plus charcoal gets expensive if I do this weekly. I'm considering other options: gas or ceramic (Egg) smoker. I want the convenience of set-and-forget...
  5. A

    Whiskey Barrel Smoker

    I just made this unique smoker from a 50 year old whiskey barrel (1" oak). It's not complete, as I have to put in the air vents, propane burner, and the smoke stack. It has (2) 22" grates, enabling it to hold 8 full racks of ribs or 12 pork butts. I will have more pics when complete. Any...