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  1. S

    Maverick and foiled but

    I normally pull the meat therm out when I foil. The only time I tried to leave it in, it was reading way high (I think the foil touching it). Is there a good way to leave the meat therm in a foiled but? Thank you
  2. C

    Brisket Flats - "HAVE to" foil & inject them???

    I have read elsewhere that you "HAVE" to inject & foil a flat at 150, or it will be way too dry. What do you guys think? This doesn't really make sense to me, because if you don't believe that the fat from the point "bastes" the flat (the old fat cap up/down debate)...then it shouldn't...
  3. C

    Foiling a Brisket

    At what temperature do you foil a brisket at 160 or 170? Also what do you add to the brisket when foiling?