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  1. K

    Any Tips for Using Rubs With Chicken Wings?

    What is the best way to maximize flavor when using a rub when grilling chicken wings? Also, is length of time the rub is on the wings before grilling a factor? I am using Memphis Style BBQ Rub by Nutmeg Spice Company. It lists demerara sugar, sea salt, dehydrated onion and garlic, mustard...
  2. D

    Sauce Profiles

    I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum as well as other BBQ forums as I prepare for my first ever contest in June, and was trying to figure out the best flavor profile for sauce. I read that Blues Hog original was king with a 50/50 mix of BH Tenn Red, but that was from a post in 2011...
  3. M

    UDS Science

    I have never ate food from a UDS. I hear it taste better because the grease touches the charcoal and vaporizes back into the meat for more flavor. Is this true, if so what percent better does this taste. Can this be replicated by putting char diamonds in the water pan. Any proposed...
  4. L

    Bark on the flavor wood

    I cam across a bunch of plum and apple wood I plan on using as flavor chunks. It all has the bark still on it. I've heard that bark can make for bitter smoke? Should I remove the bark? I've seen a lot of stick burners who burn the bark and all...Any advise would be appreciated!
  5. A

    How to Get Consistency in Flavor

    I don't know if I'm the only one, but I've visited a few barbecue restaurants and I've found that the most disappointing thing about them is the lack of consistency between the quality of the meal one time and another. Why is consistency in barbecue so difficult? It is just poor management?
  6. A

    Pellets vs. Logs, A Taste Difference?

    Hey guys, so I was talking with a buddy over at and we were talking about the differences between pellets and logs in the pit. Do you think there is a definite taste difference in between pellets and logs or are they going to have basically the same flavor?
  7. S

    Cookshack vs. WSM

    Does anyone have both the Cookshack and WSM that can comment on possible flavor differences? I presume when wood chips/chunks are added, they should both be equal. But perhaps the way the wood chips or chunks are burned make the flavor difference? I've read the other threads, and this...