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  1. Nut

    Wednesdays cook (Pepper Stout Beef + Fatty & Pig Shots)

    OK... Since I only tried this once last year & didn't get it quite right, I thought I'd try again. Started with a 1.7 KG (3.75 LB) chuck. I used APL's Brisket Paste & Seasoning as an inspiration, but had to make some changes because I don't have access to some ingredients, so... The Paste: I...
  2. P

    My First Hand-Rolled Fattie! {Pron}

    I got some KC's Famous Mendolia Italian Sausage! Hand-Rolled a Fattie... I used my own Rub (a basic KC style rub tweak-out by me)
  3. R

    Didn't want to waste charcoal. (FATTY PRON)

    I finished up an 8 lb. pork butt this morning that i was doing for a friend and had plenty of charcoal and hickory chips left in the basket so i threw on a fatty and thought i would share some pictures with the bretheren. Breakfast fattty : scrambled eggs, chopped onion, cheddar cheese...
  4. R

    Going to smoke a fattie! This is how...any suggestions appreciated.

    I was planning on smoking my first fatty or Fattie (not sure which spelling is correct). I saw an idea for a breakfast fattie on here and that sounded god. So, ill write the steps i plan on taking and if anyone has any suggestions please correct my method. Thanks to all that reply. First, i...
  5. MikeR

    Saturday pork butts (Pron)

    Ran to Retaraunt Depot with my bro (TimzCardz) yesterday and picked up a couple butts for some company I had coming over. First time doing butts on my own and I was satisfied with the outcome. Here are the pics. Oh- and after reading another post yesterday I remembered to throw a Fattie in...
  6. leanza

    Emergency Fattie Piston.

    Santa knew I needed fattie piston help so he provided a wrapping paper tube to pull this this deal off in a pinch. JD regular sausage, onion, bellpepper, garlic, mozzarella filling and my first attempt at bacon weave. Next time thicker bacon. Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. Fat Woody

    Multi tasking, Brethren style - hvy pron warning!

    We had a "bonus day" here in KC today with temps in the 50's. I took advantage and whipped up a few things for dinner. Pre-dawn fire at 6:00 Dr. Butt & Professor Brisket, dressed for the ball Time to roast some Anaheims About 3 hours later, the dance is on Meanwhile, back in the kitchen...
  8. Mad Max

    Practice makes perfect....

    well, this weekend Butts N Gutts, was over and we decided to do the seafood throw down. But it wasn't enough, so we did another pastrami and to keep it company, on the drum, we did a fattie. The pastrami was a store bought corn beef, soaked overnight, to remove the salt and then using...
  9. salth2o

    My first fatty, armadillo egg.

    I cooked three this afternoon. 1 with bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, and mozzarella; 1 with jalapeños and creme cheese, and one with green olives, mushrooms, and onions. I put a strip of bacon on top of each one for garnish. They turned out pretty good. The Redhead (my wife) loved them...
  10. pat

    Is This Wrong??

    JD maple fattie with eggs, pepper cheese & good ole wonda bread.