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  1. Tendrils of Smoke

    Injecting bacon fat?

    Have a local competition coming up next weekend, that I placed second in brisket in last year. Looking for that extra bit of flavor, to push me over the top. My thought was to mix redered clarified bacon fat, beef jus and dry rub, and inject it into the flat. What are your thoughts?
  2. grilling24x7

    Brisket Packer w/ tons of fat

    Hey guys, I've never seen a brisket with this much fat all over. It's a 15 lber. My plan is to find the "top" and then trim all the top fat off. Then trim the bottom fat to about 1/4 inch-1/2 inch. My smoking plan is to smoke this on the UDS for about 7 hours and then foil till completion...
  3. grilling24x7

    Fat on the bottom of brisket flat slices

    What do you guys tend to do about the 1/8-1/4 inch (give or take) layer of fat underneath of the brisket flat. I made some fantastic brisket this weekend (from an untrimmed brisket flat from Costco - see photo!). Two of my guests commented about the little strip of fat at the bottom of each...
  4. BigButzBBQ

    Chicken, mushrooms, and Fat oh my! (pr0n)

    Chicken was on the menu lastnight, I planned on initially doing it beer can style on the weber but, then realized it might be too tall, then thought to do it on the UDS which would have provided enough room but, then realized, I didn't have enough time to cook it that way. So, spatchcocking it...