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fat cap

  1. cayenne

    Brisket: When to do Fat Side Up/Down?

    At the risk of starting a brisket religious war......I'm asking as that I have an offset smoker coming in next month and I'm new to cooking on one. In my previous smoking life I used a Bandera style vertical smoker...and I used to always do fat side down to protect from that heat coming into...
  2. D

    Hard Fat on Beef Ribs

    For those of you that have done beef ribs, how much do you trim them before putting them on the smoker? The past 2 racks I've done from RD had quite a bit of hard fat and I'm not sure whether I should trim that all the way down, trim it down season what's underneath and put the fat back on, or...
  3. P

    Fat Cap Up or Down - HELP

    Do you cook a pork butt with the fat cap up or down? I'm using a UDS. Do I need a drip pan? Water pan?
  4. J

    Trimmed Brisket

    Tomorrow will be my first time smoking Brisket. I called the butcher down the street and ordered me a nice cut. But when I picked it up, brought it home, and unwrapped it to examine it, the fat cap was trimmed off. Since it was my first time ordering a brisket, I didn't know I had to ask to not...