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  1. R

    Eggers...Are you satisfied with your smoke profile?

    Does your BGE or other Kamado make your food taste smokey enough for you?
  2. R

    Fatty for Breakfast

    My wife really likes mushroom-cheddar fatties so I thought a Saturday morning breakfast for her would start her day off well. I enjoy roasted vegetables with my eggs. :)
  3. S

    Old Kamado Repairs/Parts

    Received a 70's era Imperial Kamado grill from a family member and love it. Easy to control, delicious cooks and I love the retro look. Realized though, that some parts are missing and Not having them makes it difficult to do a larger brisket or ribs. Does anyone have a spot to get...
  4. S

    Review(pics) of 2 inch fire ring for large BGE

    I saw this in the BGE catalog and decided that before the next time I BBQ a turkey I will get one. So I did. If you have ever tried to stand up a turkey in your Big Green Egg you know of the clearance problems. The turkey tries to escape out the top and you end up just laying it down as...
  5. Dr_KY

    Cooking on ceramic in the cold-safe?

    Question for all the ceramic owners I'm a bit worried about cooking in mine with this frosty weather, she's out in the open and my concern it that when cooking finishes and as the temps drop overnight will my cooker fracture? Doc
  6. B

    Eggs on the grill, the Gelman method!

    So out at Murphysboro I came up with an easy method to cooking eggs on the grill, here's what you do. Step one, use tinfoil to make cups that are 3 1/2 inches wide with half inch or higher side walls. Spray with a non-stick cooking spray (I used Pam) and lightly spray the tinfoil cups...
  7. grilling24x7

    Preseason Tailgate #1 - Porkroll and eggs!

    Preseason is a pain for the most part, but I always enjoy tailgating, so I go with it. This week (for the first home game) we did Taylor pork roll, egg, and cheese on an english muffin. We used a cast iron skillet on the Smokey Joe to fry the eggs and grilled the Taylor pork roll. I love my...
  8. B

    BGE Table - What Type of Wood Should I Use?

    Hey All, I want to build a table for my LBGE next weekend and I have the plans (whiz Flash-Burns from naked whiz) . I have never built anything in my life (except in shop in school many years ago) and am borrowing a mitre and jig saw from a friend. I don't have much money but don't really...
  9. pahutchens

    CL score Eggstacy

    Not sure if it was a good deal or a great deal. They originally wanted 10 bucks, then after a lot of inquiries and a web search they asked for 100, I offered 50-60. Picked it up last night here are the pictures from the CL post The owner picked it up while stationed in Japan in the 70's. It...
  10. Brauma

    Brauma's Egg Table

    Let me start by saying that I'm no carpenter. But I have enough tools to be dangerous. And thats what counts. In this first pic you can see the upper frame (on the table) and the legs that are almost ready. Here's daddy's little buddy helping me with the wheels. Almost ready to flip...
  11. Midnight Smoke

    Sunday's Brisket Smoke A Work In Progress

    10 Lb'r Marinated for 36 hours. This Brisket was very flexible. Trimmed this one down of most of the fat. Tried to leave enough for some good flavor and hope I did not trim to much. Seasoned with some Sea Salt, Pepper (Red,White and Black) and some Garlic. Into the the Egg with some...