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  1. M

    Dyna-Glo DGX376BCS-D Charcoal Smoker

    I’m a BBQ novice and I was creating a list of entry level smokers for a cousin who was considering getting into the life (aka the addiction). In the under $300 category, I let him in on some of the obvious choices including the WSM 18.5”, the Akorn Kamdo, potentially building a UDS. Then I...
  2. M

    I live and smoke in KC – born and raised in Iowa

    :wave: Greetings brethren. I came into my initial love of bbq when I picked up a side job at Battle's Barbeque summer after graduating from Iowa State University in Ames, IA. It was a humble, order at the window, grab a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade while three 20 somethings in the back sliced...
  3. J

    New Guy from STL

    Greetings from St. Louis! Long time lurker, first time poster. I grill most weekdays on an older LP Weber Spirit 700. I've tried my hand at smoking, but with only an ECB (the one without the bottom) and a holey Weber kettle, I haven't had great results. I'm debating on just waiting to get a WSM...
  4. J

    ECB/UDS hybrid painted pics

    Finished up the paint job for the ECB/UDS Hybrid. I went with engine enamel Daytona yellow for the chamber and black BBQ paint for railroad spike feet, intakes and exhaust. Had a leftover tequila bottle lid that appeared to be hard wood so I cut a few notches in the back and epoxied( 5 minute...
  5. J

    breaking in my ECB?

    Hi, Was ready to pitch out my ECB but I found this very helpful forum. I''ve done the recommended mods- moved the legs to the outside, put legs and a vent on the coal bowl, added a vent and thermostat to the lid, fireplace rope to seal the gap bwtn the lid and the body. Fired up a bowl of...
  6. M

    Pulled Pork ECBG

    First try at pulled pork on modded ECBG. Ran a little hot 1st hour, was hard to get down past 320, but rest of the smoke was reasonable, 260 to 300. Was going for the Franklin pulled pork recipe with Big Bubba's bbq on the side. Cooked 4.5 hours then foiled for another 3, then let rest for 45...
  7. B

    First Meatloaf (Jersey Style)

    Decided last night I would try to smoke a meatloaf so I fired up the "ECB" which likes to run around 300 degrees which will be perfect. I went really simple and included 2lbs ground beef, 1 cup italian bread crumbs, 1/4 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup bbq sauce, 1 egg, diced onion, and for the special...
  8. B

    Brisket and Pork Butt at same time. Any other suggestions?

    I've got a standard, modified ECB (charcoal) that I broke in on Memorial Day with a successful cook involving some whole chickens and an 8 lb pork butt which were each cooked separately as I learned the ropes. My wife's bday is this weekend and I'm gearing up for my second official cook. We're...
  9. G

    Gunbunny signing in!

    Hello from Iowa! Somewhat new to smoking (10 months). My parents gave me an ECB they picked up from someone who was giving it away. After fighting the darn thing to maintain a decent temp unmodified. I lurked quite a bit on various BBQ forums and the YouTubes on how to modify and tweak my ECB @...
  10. Velox

    New Member, New ECB Build

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the boards here and thought you could help me with a question I have. I'm new to BBQ on anything besides burgers, steaks and the occasional chicken breast on my Weber Grill. I also live in Long Island, NY so it's not easy to get really good BBQ around here. I'd like...
  11. B

    Modified ECB maiden voyage w/pics

    First, thanks in advance to those who provided suggestions that I used in modding out my ECB over the last few weeks leading up to my Memorial Day maiden voyage. Hopefully, a recap of what I did and some pics can help similar beginners (or just make folks hungry). The summary is as follows...
  12. B

    Quick Maverick ET-732 mod question

    I'm (finally) almost done with some mods to a regular ECB and installing the threaded rod for my Maverick ET-732 is among the last few things. So I dug up this thread: I found the threaded rod at the local True Value...
  13. B

    Charcoal pan mods to an ECB

    Awesome forum. I'm new to smoking but have already started making the suggested mods to an ECB. Having done the research and seen the different ways to mod the charcoal pan and ash catcher, I've gone ahead and bought a Weber Smokey Joe Gold, as opposed to using Randy's approach with the...
  14. B

    Hi From NJ.

    I've been reading this forum daily so I finally decided to introduce myself. After seeing an ECB while at home depot and coming home and doing some research I couldn't resist getting one for christmas. I quickly learned that there was a cult following to this thing and quickly found tons of...
  15. J

    New in NE Ohio

    Well, after modifying my ECB, I am ready to smoke tomorrow morn! Looking to hit some ribs and possibly some pork shoulder or butt too! Will be preparing today for an early smoke tomorrow. I've been reading the BBQB forums for a while, but I can never know enough. Any advice for a newbie...
  16. T

    ECB fire management

    I realize that this may be like putting lipstick on a pig, and I have aspirations to a BGE once my cash flow can handle it, but I thought I would try to figure out the best way to maintain an even amount of heat over a long cook, like for a brisket or shoulder. Ambient temps today were in the...
  17. B

    Howdy from Lagrange, GA

    I'm Bill, and still a novice at BBQ/smoking. I have 2 smokers: An ECB with which I manage to get consistently good results with, and a Brinkmann vertical rectangular smoker which is a bit more temperamental but still does ok. I'm in the mode now of tinkering with the 2nd smoker. I like it's...
  18. T


    Thinking about throwing this on the ECB tomorrow with a little hickory. Question about temps though, I've read bring it up to 135-140 for medium rare, but I also read something about 190-200 like a brisket. ANybody have any suggestions about where to be?
  19. B

    heat issue on ECB - water brinkman bullet

    I tried searching for this but was unsuccessful, so my apologies if this is redundant. I have the vertical water brinkman ECB with modifications found many places on the web. My problem is that after 3 hrs or so, the unit will not maintain a higher heat. I'm thinking the issue is the ash in the...
  20. B

    Converting ECB into a mini UDS

    I have done the standard mods that everyone suggests for the ECB and find it still needs fuel added every 30-45 minutes, which is a major pain in the arse. I added a charcoal basket to try and fix that (see pic below) but because there is so much air flow in these beasts, I couldn't get below...