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    Briskets flats always too dry.

    Hey, I don't have access to packers, so I'm cooking a lot of flats (they are cheap and plentiful). Before you say packers are easy to get, I'll mention I live in Finland. Even the flats I'm cooking are imports from USA (but seem to be pretty good quality). I still haven't found a way to keep...
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    Help, my pulled pork is getting worse every time?!?

    Hi, I've been doing BBQ for a couple of years now with my UDS. I don't use water pan or heat deflector. I've tried them, but didn't like the results. I've been mostly doing pulled pork from whole pork necks since pork butt is not available here. It has nice fat and marbling and it's been...
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    First UDS build & First Smoke (you'll want to look at this lengthy post with many pictures)

    Hi all, Im new to the forum and looking to start things off right with a great post about my first UDS build and first three smokes. I've had this thing going for two days straigt since I build it. First, I want to say its great to be a new member of the community here. UDS: Ran into mimimal...
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    Drying Oak

    Back in August a buddy of mine cut down an oak tree. He and I cut up some of it and I stacked it out back. If I understand, it takes about six months to dry out to be used. It's not covered. Is there anything special I should do with this to dry it? I appreciate your thoughts.