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    I’m in the Doghouse Now!

    If I had stopped at the cheap Mercer knife, I had purchased from Amazon I’d have been fine. (See previous thread) Unfortunately, there was a sale over Labor Day at Cutlery and More, so my wife is now mad at me because I purchased 3 more new knives. She suggested I have a problem :twitch: and...
  2. W

    Whole Hog Pron A weekend cook

    Spent the better part of Frday and Saturday putting this one into the books. When we built the Dragon one goal was to cook a whole hog, at 190 dressed weight I guess we did. together with 100 pounds of brisket added heat and smoke. loves the end result Mike
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    Howdy! from Wyoming

    As you may note from my moniker I am from Wyoming. Proudly a part of the team that started the Wyoming State BBQ Championship here 6 years ago, after putting the thing on for 4 years I built my own Dragon Q and competed last fall. I have been practicing and hope to enter the challenge again...