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  1. D

    Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Delicata Squash w/ Bacon Cranberry Pomegranate Dressing

    For our Christmas meal I wanted to have something delicious, a bit out of the ordinary and on the healthy side. I searched the web for a Brussel Sprout recipes and came up with one from Bobby Parish which served as the inspiration for this dish. (Here’s the link to his cook...
  2. D

    Thanksgiving 2019

    We spent Thanksgiving with good friends and neighbors and their family. We were tasked with providing the dressing and a pecan pie. The pie we bought from Costco but for the dressing I made my favorite Cranberry, Apple and Walnut dressing. (Recipe can be found here...
  3. CousinsBBQ

    Thanksgiving Smoked Turkey - Maple Brine- Cranberry Glaze

    Cousins BBQ Thanksgiving Recipe - Maple Brine with Cranberry Glaze PREPARE IN ADVANCE I am having issues uploading images for some reason the Attach File, Manage Attachments, I do not get options with the "Choose File" Here is my Facebook Page with Photos...