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crab cakes

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    Crab Cake Benedict

    There is a restaurant here in San Diego (it’s actually on Coronado) called the Blue Water Grill. It is located over the water in the historic former Hotel Del Coronado boathouse, built in 1887. Here’s an aerial picture of it. Anyway, they have this dish, Crab Cakes Benedict, on their Brunch...
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    Crab Cakes

    I had almost a full can of lump crab meat left over from the Petite Filet Mignon Oscar I made on Sunday. I needed to use it up so yesterday I made crab cakes. I used a recipe from Chef John on Here are most of the ingredients in a bowl. Crab Cake Ingredients: 1 pound...
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    Smoked Oysters for Father's Day

    Planning to get a bushel of oysters to steam and smoke them. Going to use two webbers (18" and 22") to steam them, and a UDS to smoke them. Does anyone have any experience doing that? Couple of questions: What the best way to smoke them? A. Steam>shuck>throw on the UDS? B. Throw on...