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country smoker

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    Thank you for the add!

    Cheers all! I am a new BBQer and just purchased a Country Smoker traveler. I have a tiny Casita trailer and a Ridgeline truck, and the smoker travels with us. I also have two farm collies that are my constant companions and BBQ taste testers and office clean up crew. I am a (kind of recent)...
  2. C

    I've settled on the Country Smoker - but which one?

    Hi everyone! New member! I currently have a Pitts 'N Spitts U1830. I bought it back in 1999 and it's still in great shape. (It's also on Craig's List.) It's a great hardwood offset smoker but I've decided to become a Pellet Pooper! These forums have helped me a lot in digging through my...
  3. B

    Country Smoker 680 Hot Spots

    I have had my CS680 now for a couple of months. I'm getting better results with each and every weekend that has passed. After a few weeks, I decided to add the digital control board, and am glad that I did! The problem that I am having now is that I am seeing quite a temperature variance from...
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    My new CS680! (and how I got there...)

    Hello everyone...I don't post here very often, but I wanted to give a review of my newest acquisition...I had my new Country Smoker CS680 delivered tonight! So far, I really like it!! Some background to explain why I opted for a pellet pooper...I started out several years ago with a little $60...