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  1. ShadowDriver

    Duke City Barbacoa Shenanigans - w/ Pr0n!

    Happy Sunday Phunday, y'all! It is absolutely beautiful here in the 505 - watched the hot air balloons rise over the Sandias around dawn. Temps are still ridiculous in the sun, but we'll soon be sub-90 F in the day and sub-60 F at night. Can't wait. I've failen for a local barbacoa place -...
  2. ShadowDriver

    High Plains Shenanigans - Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

    Happy Saturday, folks! Mother Nature's been drinkin' again - it was in the 80s earlier this week, and the thermometer read in the 30s when I fired up the smoker at 0845 this morning. Broke out some John Henry's Mojave Garlic Pepper and a chuckie. 90 minutes in. More fun to come.
  3. ShadowDriver

    High Plains Beef Fest - w/ Pr0n!

    Happy Saturday, folks! Just back from a trip to Tyler, TX and happy to get back to smoking/cooking at home. I broke out the new Smoke Gateway for the first time, and was pleasantly impressed. Last week, I happened upon a really nice Manager's Special for Beeph Ribs in the bargain bin - $4...
  4. SmokinJohn

    Cooking with a separated shoulder

    So with all the turmoil in my life (dad, in-laws, and steps are having health problems or grieving), I decide to do some smoking. In the heat. On zero sleep. I already had a chuckie waiting at home and I'm thinking brisket. Yesssh. My local Smart and final has them for 3.65 a pound. Are...
  5. D

    Chucky’s Nightmare

    This monster, Chucky, came to my house. While I was preparing to cook something he broke out of his constraints and I had to defend myself. I grabbed a knife and cut him in two. This slowed him down but he kept coming. The right side was obviously the stronger side so I threw hot sauce in...
  6. S

    Dino Bones & 2 Chuckies cooked like a brisket...

    ... that was cooked like a chuckie. Haven't cooked anything in a while so I figured I'd fire up the drum while I work on my other smoker build. The top chuckie just has S&P on it, the bottom has my Dynamite(TM) Brisket Rub. The 2 racks on the left have my Dynamite(TM) Rib Rub, which my...
  7. SmokinJohn

    May 5th food pron

    I wasn't celebrating Cinco de Mayo, hence the title. So, Mrs SJ buys a pork butt, a chuckie, and a rack of ribs (this is a GOOD woman. no, she is a GREAT woman). The weather here on Sunday was overcast and cool (California cool). Perfect for smoking though. So in go the ribs (Big Mike's...
  8. SmokinJohn

    Super Bowl snax (pron)

    O.k. now I'm back in front of a PC with pic upload capability. I am saddened to announce that this weekend, several pieces of protein met a horrible fate. Warning: The following pics may be unsuitable for some: Damn thing stalled at 180 and was driving me nuts...... Chuckie...
  9. J

    UDS 7 Bone Chuck Roast

    I'm having a great time playing around with the UDS. A week or so ago, I was on-call and anchored to the house. Perfect excuse to play on the UDS. Found this 4 pound piece of meat labeled as a "Beef Chuck 7 Bone Pot Roast". Looked more like a slab of beef to me than what I would call a...
  10. J

    Birthday Chuckie!

    They say it's my birthday....(da-da-da-da-da-da) I'm gonna cook a chuckie....(da-da-da-da-da-da).... As I wait for the 18.5" WSM to lock into temp, I'm uploading photos for your approval: A look from the deck to see the WSM blowing blue. We spent quite a few hours adding on this cooking...
  11. bob80001

    Pulled Beef - Saved from the Crockpot! [pron]

    Last night I found a 4 pound chuck roast thawing. Asked the wife what it was for. She said she was going to toss it in the crockpot for dinner tomorrow (tonight). I said, "Gee honey, you work so hard. Why don't you let me take care of dinner..." So instead I stopped home at lunch and tossed it...
  12. P

    Recipe: Chuckie (pics)

    Pulled Barbecue Beef (Chuckie) As with all of the large cuts common to barbecue, there is a fervent debate between the "low-n-slow" and the "hot-n-fast" cooking advocates. As I mentioned last year in my Hot & Fast BBQ Beef Brisket post, I'm now firmly in the hot-n-fast crowd. I just can't...