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chicken sausage

  1. Jason TQ

    10lbs of Asian Chicken Sausage Today

    I had no chicken sausage in the freezer so wanted to fix that today and also been on a semi Asian inspired kick recently with food. I've done a few Asian sausages before and this was my first with hoisin in it, which is my new favorite ingredient :). Using boneless skinless thighs from RD which...
  2. G

    Friday's chicken sausage with pron/ recipe

    Decided to make 10lbs of chicken sausage today…This is my second batch of Ken’s spinach / feta sausage and also my second of what we dubbed the Friday’s chile sausage. Both are great and came out even better this time, the only change I did to Ken’s was add a squeeze of lemon to it, I didn’t...
  3. Mad Max

    Making Chicken Sausage Weekend w/ pron

    Decided to try my hand at making homemade chicken sausage. Looked in my "Home Sausage Making" book, by Susan Mahnke & Charles G. Reavis, for some chicken recipes. I came up with two, that interested me- Chicken Bratwurst and Chicken Sausage with Apple and Chardonnay. First, we cut up and...