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  1. Boshizzle

    Chargriller Outlaw got some new Wheels

    My Chargriller Outlaw is about 8 years old. After sitting on the patio for all those years, the front legs started to rust. Finally, the grill wouldn't sit level. So, rather than throw it out, I decided to put some wheels on it. I cut the front legs off just above the rusted out areas. I...
  2. S

    CharGriller Duo w/ SFB and CyberQ Wifi

    Was wondering if anyone has tried using a CyberQ Wifi on a CharGriller Duo with SFB yet, and if so, do you have any pictures. I am seriously considering the CyberQ to help manage temps. I've been finding it difficult to nail down a solid temperature due to the ever changing wind here OKlahoma)...
  3. WvQ

    Hello All

    I've always been a BBQ nut. I've been known to grill in snow storms, but my wife really helped me take it to the next level by getting me a Chargriller with a side box three years ago. This year is my first that other people are starting to tell me I should sell my Q. I enjoy smoking and not...
  4. JMSetzler

    $299 Char-Griller Kamado First Looks

    Here are two video reviews I put together today on this new Char-Griller Kamado. The third review will come tomorrow as I make a video review of cooking a 7lb Boston Butt with it... Part 1 is a video walk-around with some discussion of the...
  5. C

    wanting to say HI!!!

    My name is Chris Williams.. I love to fish hunt but never get to do it because of every day life... I love to barbecue I got very good at something and other i have not.. I have over 30 barbecue cook book.:redface: But i read them over and over. lol.. The things i could use help in are brisket...
  6. N

    Hello from NorCal!

    Hey everybody, this is Tyren from Northern California checkin' in... I first found the forum about a year ago when I was researching my first real BBQ purchase. Read some great, helpful info on here and it led me to purchase my Char-Griller Super Pro. I mostly ran it as an indirect...
  7. S

    CharGriller Duo Grates Problem

    Anyone else havin trouble w/CharGriller porcelain-coated iron grates? Mine are coupla months old and when I fired up the gas side the porcelain started 'popping' off...had to close the cover! EM'd them and I get "What are you cleaning them with?" Been using PCI grates for years and never had...