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cast iron

  1. D

    Throwdown White Bean Chicken Breast Chili Again

    Saw a chance for a Throwdown cook so I made my White Bean Chicken Breast Chili Again. This is to be my favorite nice and healthy chili and is so delicious. Here are most of the ingredients: Recipe: 3 lbs. chicken, boneless breasts or thighs. (I used 5 boneless breasts, grilled & chopped) 2...
  2. D

    Need Help Identifying a 10 ½” Cast Iron Skillet

    I was going thought stuff in the attic and came across a box I used to use while camping. It had this 10 ½” skillet in it that I had forgotten I had. It looks older and has a nice smooth finish on the cooking side. Here are some pic of it. There is no name on it but does have some identifying...
  3. OneHump

    Carne Crosta

    Someone had mentioned “Carne Crosta” in another thread and I hadn’t heard of it so I looked it up. Not only did I find a lot of positive feedback, but I also learned that it came from Oakridge BBQ, which I’m very familiar with. I decided to run a test. I souse vide a prime ribeye to 125F...
  4. E

    Cast Iron Grill Grate - Upkeep

    Hi all. I just ordered a cast iron grill grate for my weber kettle and was wondering if I need to do anything special to keep it's condition up. Thanks for any advice!
  5. captjoe06

    Has anyone ever seen a Cast Iron Bull Hibachi?

    I just bought it, awaiting shipping. I'd seen the pig and cow ones without the skewers but never this kabob setup. Do any of you folks cook on mini hibachis like this for fun?
  6. Bratylten

    17" Cast Iron Pan Pizza on YS640 tutorial

    It took me 8 years but I have finally reached 100 posts! To celebrate and give back to a community I have learned so much from, I thought I would post my process for making Cast Iron Pan Pizza on the Yoder YS640. Ever since reading this article on making cast iron pan pizza by Kenji Lopez, I...
  7. captjoe06

    The perfect cast iron griddle pan for a 22 inch kettle?

    Most cast iron pans have long handles that make them impractical for use on the kettle. Others are square which is not perfect for the round kettle. I've recently discovered (thanks to the brethren) smash burgers and how much I love them but my Lodge cast iron skillet with handle takes up...
  8. T

    interesting read on seasoning cast iron
  9. D

    Kamado Cast Iron Apple Pie

    With Granny Smith apples on sale and seeing some recent Apple Pie cooks, I decided to give a pie a whirl. Reviewed John Setzler's video and some others. Then reviewed our go to recipe and made a few tweaks and came up with this below. I took 6 Granny Smith’s and 4 Fuji’s. Peeled them, sliced...
  10. R

    Seasoning the New Grill

    Hey all, I finally got my new combo gas/charcoal grill setup over the weekend and I’m looking for a definitive (or at least, more reliable) method for seasoning the cast-iron grates. From most of what I’ve heard, the standard method seems to be coating with vegetable oil and cooking them for a...
  11. P

    Craigslist Cast Iron Dutch Oven Christmas Present (before & after pics)

    Found this 9" Wagner cast iron pot on craigslist a while back. I couldn't post it because it was to be a Christmas present for my son. He looks at the Brethren now & then and I didn't want his to see it. We like to make the Pit Boys BBQ Baked Beans with it. The lady I bought it from, said it was...
  12. JMSetzler

    Smoked Spaghetti: Quick & Cheap

    Here's a quick and cheap meal that I put together tonight on the Weber Kettle... smoked spaghetti! I started out by cooking a 16oz box of spaghetti noodles. I greased my 10" cast iron skillet and dumped in the spaghetti, one jar of sauce, and topped it with shredded sharp cheddar... I put it...
  13. P

    Seasoning cast iron ??? Q-related

    Hope this is allowed, after all I was grilling some burgers for dinner(no pics,didn't happen...but they were good if they did happen). Threw my Bush beans in my newly aquired(used) cast iron skillet(6 1/2"). I had to really clean it up prior to me wanting to use it. After my cleaning I...