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  1. D

    Football Watch party Bierocks/Runzas

    Since my Husker Game was finally on in the evening we had a watch party at our house. I wanted something we could eat while watching the game, so I decided on Runzas (AKA Bierocks) and corn on the cob. (Both of which are Nebraska staples) I followed Cowgirl’s recipe with a few changes this time...
  2. J

    Pork Steak and Cabbage

    I recently switched to a Keto diet, and it has stifled my outdoor cooking. I can't believe how many of my favorite rubs, and pantry ingredients are not keto friendly. Going to have to figure out some things, but for now I just kept it simple. Cored a cabbage, and stuffed it with a stick of...
  3. D

    Sausage Platter (A Hint of Germany)

    After searching the web, trying to figure out what to make for the “Tubesteak & Sauceagefest” Throwdown, I settled on doing a salute to my (mostly) German heritage. A Sausage Platter with Rotkohl, German Potato Salad and a couple of soft pretzels with mustard. First I made the German Potato...
  4. S

    Freezing cabbage

    Howdy gents. I have two 5lb bags of preshredded cabbage from RD that did not get used. I can use them this Friday, but don't think they will last till then???? Can I freeze them, then thaw later to make my slaw?
  5. HeSmellsLikeSmoke

    Great Video on How To Shred Cabbage

    I learned a lot from this short video. Thought I would share it for those that make a lot of cole slaw or sauerkraut. キャベツの千切りの方法(仕方) - How to shred cabbage. - YouTube