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burning ingredients

  1. bigabyte

    At the request of Landarc, my research that led to Foil Hat Rub

    I have even reverted to my Mad BBQ Scientist logo for these memories. It all started somewhere before I was even a member of the Brethren. Another local bbq'er named Clay (team name Sauced Pigs) and I were talking about the "myth" of sugars causing a burnt flavor on bark. After all, sugars...
  2. bigabyte

    Mad Science Experiment - Ingredients in Rubs/Slathers

    I did some more rub ingredient experiments today that continue an older experiment I started a few years ago. To see how this experiment started, and an additional set of testing after that, you can reference these other threads. How this started...
  3. bigabyte

    Mad Science Experiment - Burning Rub Ingredients

    Posted at the request of another user... I wanted to start compiling a list of what happens flavor-wise for each ingredient used in a rub or slather. Some ingredients are thought to perhaps burn or lose all of their flavor. I did this set of experiments so I would know first-hand exactly what...