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  1. S

    The Return... it's Bison Brisket

    School has had me very busy the past couple of months, so I've been away from the Brethren. So, here is my reboot. A friend of mine can't eat beef anymore. But bison is on the approved list of proteins. So I decided to give bison brisket a try. It's a pricey piece, and very lean. I gave it...
  2. D

    Buffalo Buffalo Burger – Take 2

    Last time I made this I declared it as the “Best Burger Ever” so I really wanted to make it again. I did tweak a few things in an effort to make it ever better. Started out with some ground Bison (American Buffalo) meat. Mixed in some diced onion and Blue Cheese crumbles...
  3. D

    The Buffalo Buffalo Burger

    So there’s this “2106 July Burger Blowout!” Throwdown going on here: Having already made some nice Cheeseburgers yesterday I decided to try something a little more outside the box. There is a Burger restaurant near us called Slaters...
  4. J

    Buffalo: what to do?

    Merry Christmas Brethren! Last night, my Christmas miracle came in the form of someone at a party handing me a several-pound buffalo sirloin roast from an animal he shot himself in Montana. I am planning to cook it up for friends on my rotisserie tonight over an open fire (and possibly under...
  5. K

    Advice on buffalo brisket

    Howdy ya'all. Just had a friend gift Me 2 buffalo briskets and 2 roasts. Having never smoked buffalo before, wondering if you all have any tips on the cooking of these? My beef briskets are always a hit and come out tender and delicious if I do say so Myself, but, with the buffalo being such a...
  6. R

    wing marinade

    Any of you bros. have a killer wing marinade you'd like to share? I've been buying a pouch powder mix locally but it gets expensive. I like Buffalo and Asian style. I smoke them in my UDS for a couple of hours @ 250 with apple wood for smoke. Performer,18" weber Kettle,Weber silver B gasser,UDS
  7. TrustTheDust

    Buffalo Chicken ABTs

    Not sure if anyone has tried this before, but these things turned out pretty damn good. This little concoction was a Franklinstein creation of two of my favorite appetizers: ABTs and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Here is my step-by-step creation process if this seems to tickle your fancy. The first...