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bubba keg

  1. S

    Tonight's Cook and Tomorrows Pron

    Here is the first meat on the smoker. A couple of hams. I couldn't find a whole shoulder which is what I really wanted to cook. Team is cooking in the Charlotte comp in September and never cooked a whole shoulder plus Q-Dat got me pumped earlier this week. Here are a few photos. Coming...
  2. BBQ Bandit

    Cooking for the troops - Fort Bragg (mega post)

    BRETHREN FIELD REPORT – FAYETTEVILLE, NC Arrived @ 8:00 pm in Fayetteville, NC Wednesday night... and drove to the cooking site to get familiar with the directions a day early... (don't you just hate it when trying to arrive on time only to be late due to fuzzy directions). Just after I...
  3. BBQ Bandit

    Bubba Keg - final mod

    Been dickering with the various forms seen on the reducing the intake on the Bubba Keg Grill. My last attempt (foil notched out behind ) on the intake screen left too many leaks... Wound up with doing an external tape job (Norco mod) Spent the day yesterday on an empty burn...
  4. C

    Bubba Keg's at Home Depot for $450

    Looks like the bubba kegs getting a remodel and Home Depot has dropped prices on the Bubba Keg Details found here:
  5. MikeP

    4 Boston Butts on the Bubba Keg Grill

    Just did an overnighter on the Bubba Keg for a picnic yesterday. I used a recipe Chris Lilly published in his BBQ book on Big Bob Gibson's BBQ. It came out awesome. Here are a few pics. Not much to say. I'm still chewing. It wrote about it on my site, but I doubt anyone here will...
  6. cmcadams

    smoked meatloaf w/ bacon lattice

    I've got a couple 4 lbs meatloaves(?) on the Bubba Keg right now... I roasted anaheim chiles and grilled vidalia onions, then chopped them up, adding ground chuck, ground sirloin and ground pork, eggs, bread crumbs, italian parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary (all from garden), then stuffed one...