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brown sugar

  1. J

    Italian ABTs (IBTs)

    Italian ABTs Ingredients: Baby Basil 12 oz whipped Cream cheese mixed with the basil. "Parmesan mix" (Parmesan, Asiago, Romano, Fontina) :thumb: All mixed up (I mixed in some Yardbird in a later step) Capocollo (quickly seared in a cast iron pan) Jalapenos (of course) Dark...
  2. J

    Vacation Baby Backs

    We are vacationing this week (Thanks for buying my Performer, Parrothead) at our camper in Green Lake, WI. We have a tradition of eating meals with a neighbor couple, and I promised baby backs this week (he is smoking a bunch of lake trout as I type this). I like the ribs last time I did a...