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  1. YokeUp

    KCBS perfect 180 score..... Brandon, MS

    video is up for our rookie Reality series from Brandon, MS... Finished 5th overall, 2nd in Rib, 6th pork, 11 brisket and 14 chicken.... but the coolest thing was our Champion Pork Creative category where we submitted a bacon Cheesecake with praline sauce... it scored a perfect 180.... here's...
  2. YokeUp

    Roll Call. Inside 30 days. Brandon MS, KCBS event

    hey, I'm headed to my first KCBS next weekend up in Brandon MS and very much looking forward to it... anybody out there headed up to it? Greg, the promoter has done a fantastic job staying in touch and getting things organized.... Stay tuned, video to follow for sure.