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bovine bold

  1. Marquez

    Bone in ribeye roast "Smoke Vide"

    Back in the before times in January, Costco had a sale on bone in ribeye roast. Took one home, sliced into rib eye steaks and vacuum sealed. This is the last one and around 2.3 lbs, so I thought to apply rub, "Smoke Vide" in the MAK Two Star smoke box and eventually finish over charcoal.
  2. Mad Max

    Pork and Beef, is what's for dinner...

    This weekend was a good weather for catching up with my "Que" ing. Center cut marinaded pork chops, grilled on the kettle. Marinaded with Ken's Teriyaki Marinade. A close up... After seeing all beef ribs, I decided to give it a try. Not the meatiest ribs, but best I could find on...