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boston butt

  1. West River BBQ

    Boston Butt Question

    I learned that when cooking a brisket I should shoot for a texture or feel for doneness instead of a temperature, and this has worked out pretty well. Turning to pork shoulder, is this still good advice? If so, should it feel similar to brisket?
  2. W

    Brisket and boston butt

    Good morning guys, i Put a Boston Butt and a brisket on the smoker at 10pm (boston) 12am brisket they are both in the stall at 145 degrees, has that happened to anyone else?
  3. F

    A little help please

    I always let my pork butts rest for 2 hours in cooler wrapped before serving. Well I smoke a 11#'er today for the guys at fire station tomorrow. Should be finished up within the hour so should I: 1. Put in cooler hot and let sit til morning and put in station fridge 2. Put straight in fridge...
  4. R

    Boston Butts in Weber Charcoal Grill

    In an attempt to master the smoking technique I encourage myself to make a boston butt. The only tool I have is a Weber Master-Touch 22in Charcoal Grill that my wife gave me as a gift last Christmas. So here's my adventure... + Started a night before and rubbed two boston butts with a Weber Dry...
  5. M

    Butt Rub!

    I need to prepare some pulled pork for a family get-together this weekend, any suggestions on some killer butt rub? Thanks, Mike
  6. Smoke on Badger Mountain

    Birthday Butts...Pork Butt that is (pics)

    Hey All, Had a party last night to celebrate our daughter's 2nd birthday. Cooked up 6 butts coming in at 65 lbs. Ran them up on my 48" offset for 14 hrs @215 f on a combo of mesquite and hickory (my favorite) I threw on some chicken in the last 3 hrs just for good measure. A good time was had...
  7. S

    boston butts

    Got the butts all rubbed up ready for the smoker. Cant wait for tomorrows lunch. 1 is rubbed with a homemade sweet and spicy rub and 1 with bad byrons butt rub. 225 degrees for about 12-13 hours and I should be golden.
  8. B

    First butt cook on my new Grill Dome

    Had the chance this weekend to toss a couple butts and a hog shoulder on my new Grill Dome kamado. The cook went really well and the meat came out super tender and bursting with flavor. Nice bark too. The butts were rubbed down with Oakridge BBQ rubs and the end product was epic pulled pork...
  9. F

    Timing Question with Boston Butts

    This is more a timing question than a cooking time question. As the 4th is approaching, my wife wants me to cook the usual Boston Butt on my smoker. That I can do, but I have always timed the final product within a few hours of the desired serving time. My question is: Can I prepare my...
  10. G

    7LB Boston Butt on the Bradley Smoker...

    I started with a 7 LB Boston Butt. I injected it with Creole Butter and used a dry rub on the outside. I was surprised that it only took 6.0 hours to smoke to an IT of 170 degrees. After reading some posts on the blog... I was under the impression it would take 24 hours or longer to get...
  11. F

    Saturday Butts with pron

    Did a couple butts today. Overall they came out pretty good.