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blues hog

  1. D

    Sauce Profiles

    I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum as well as other BBQ forums as I prepare for my first ever contest in June, and was trying to figure out the best flavor profile for sauce. I read that Blues Hog original was king with a 50/50 mix of BH Tenn Red, but that was from a post in 2011...
  2. Twelvegaugepump

    300 degree plus St Louis style Ribs

    The plan today was to cook 2 racks of St Louis style ribs using the 3-2-1 method at around 225 degrees in the UDS. In taking pictures when I put the ribs on, the pit got rolling to over 350 degrees (first time using Wicked Weekend Warrior lump) and I had a tough time getting the temp back down...
  3. bover

    Appley Butts w/ pron!

    Decided to have a few people over this weekend and made up a couple butts to feed them. Went with an injection of apple juice, ACV, wooster, honey and Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple for an overnight soak: Did a light mustard slather (stupid camera phone. They weren't this yellow in person) and...
  4. EatonHoggBBQ

    Dino Bones for dinner w/pron

    Picked up a pack of Dino Bones from Restaurant Depot last Saturday. Due to work and school schedules, I had to wait until yesterday to cook these.:mad2: This rack is nice and meaty. But as usual, the other racks weren't as nice. Gave the ribs a good rub down with some Plowboys Bovine Bold...
  5. chuckswagonbbq

    Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

    I just got in a shipment of Blues Hog products last night. I got a jar of the Raspberry Chipotle sauce. One word description, PHENOMENAL!!!!! The best finishing sauce I have ever used. I am going to have to use some it on one of my catering jobs. We grilled up some pork chops last night and...
  6. Plowboy

    Blues Hog Red Wings

    I was asked today to provide a couple of recipes for a local BBQ newsletter coming out in March. While digging through my site, I was amazed that I have published 95 articles in my Cooking and Recipes category over the last 18 months that my site has been up. Anyway, I found an old recipe...