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bite thru skin

  1. Melissaredhead

    Bite through thighs

    Brined for one hour, smoked til 175 in broth, then browned Homemade blackberry sauce for 10 minutes or so to set Eat with fingers Thank you for lookin’ :-P
  2. D

    Bite through chicken

    I have tried many times now but just can't seem to get it down but I'm having a struggle with bite through chicken skin... I have done it without scraping the fat... I have done it with scraping the fat... Without scraping my skin is rubbery... When I scraped it I got a nice crisp skin but...
  3. C

    Cooking Chicken on WSM and need tips for bite thru skin

    Hey guys, I'm new to smoking on a WSM 18.5 inch smoker, and I need specific things to do to achieve "bite thru skin". Thanks in advance. Charlie:crazy:
  4. bigabyte

    Chicken Skin Experiment

    I wanted to do side by side comparisons of various chicken skin techniques at lower temp cooking. I did this cooking at 275 degrees. The variations I did were cooking in the cooker, finsihing on a grill, and finishing by dipping in sauce and holding at 170 in a foil pan. Also, each of these...