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big baby

  1. R

    Fire management with big baby / double drum smoker?

    Hi there, I built a double barrel smoker around a year ago out of two drums. Something like this (not mine): I don't have any flues in the fire transfer tubes, and that might be a part of my problem. Some people said they are not needed, thus I didn't fabricate them (couldn't get the...
  2. J

    How big of a pig can I fit....

    I built a double barrel (big baby)smoker in the spring and I’m dying to try a whole Pig. The good news is that the cooking chamber was made out of an open top drum so I can just take the side off and slide the pig in. Here’s my question. How big of a pig can I fit in there? I only have 33.5...
  3. J

    reverse flow question

    So I'm building a big baby double barrel smoker. I am making it a reverse flow to eliminate hot spots. Here's the question, and I'm sure I am over thinking it but why not ask? Does it make a difference if I put the exhaust on the side or on the back? I'm thinking that the side would be...
  4. B

    Big Baby Double Drum Smoker

    So I just finished my first q on my new big baby I just built. Anybody else using this or a similar double barreled smoker who might have some suggestions? I am burning straight (apple) wood which seems to burn hotter and faster then the lump coal I sometimes use. Also I need some ideas on how...