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bge table

  1. E

    BGE table questions, anyone ever add a weber performer grill??

    Alright, it's almost time for me to build my egg a home. I've got a large egg and a stable of webers. One of my webers(performer) "rusted thru" and weber provided me with a nice green base, as I already had the lid, which was fine. So now I have a 22 1/2 kettle base with the side mounting...
  2. F

    My BGE table Build

    I know this may look just another table but I am very proud of this and found it to be a very ralxing and fun process. It is made with white Cedar and protected with Thompsons Water seal (the kind that doesn't let wood turn Grey) Comments welcome and appreciated. Does anyone...
  3. FatDaddy

    BGE table is DONE!!

    Well it has been a long journey getting this thing completed. All I lack is sealing the tile again tomorrow after the grout sets, picking up a paver stone because I did not research enough and went with the plans from the Naked Whiz site and it was 17" from the bottom to the hole.. But since I...