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bge gasket

  1. K

    Big Green Egg question or two

    Howdy ya'all :D (sorry, had to get that outta My system) So, now, time for everyone to either be happy or hate Me LOL Was walking through Hy-vee a few months back and saw a display, text to win a big green egg from Heineken. I texted it in as I was shopping and promptly forgot about it...
  2. S

    *NEW* BGE Owners - Your Last Gasket Set, Ever?

    Yup, it happened to me, had my large BGE only a few months and I burned the gaskets off doing high heat for pizzas. Opened it up and the dome gasket was hanging and the base gasket was oozing off. I contacted BGE and they sent me out a new Nomex replacement gasket, free, kudos! Now the fun...
  3. BBQchef33

    Egg Woes... but amazing steaks.

    ok, after 5-7 cooks on the egg, tonight was steak night. Had the butcher cut me four, 1 - 1/4 inch shell steaks. Steaks got some s&p, garlic and lawrys. Then into a 700 degree egg. Had the egg loaded with bge lump and some mesquite. 4 minutes on each side, with all dampers open, then...