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  1. Kanco Connection

    Brisket Bark

    First post here. Brisket question. I'm known for steak, pulled pork, and ribs (in that order) and haven't done very many briskets--maybe only 6 ever. I did a whole packer on July 4 and the meat was great, and the bark was flavorful, but it was moist--almost mushy--from the wrap. So it was...
  2. Fwismoker

    Texture or so called smoke flavor? : Poll

    What's more important to you the texture of meat or smoke flavor? As far as flavor goes what's more important to you? For me hands down it's texture...that's where the flavor is. By texture i'm talking having a good maillard reaction from the natural sugars in the meat and caramelization from...
  3. W

    Brisket Bark Help

    Alight guys, I need your input. Often when I slice my brisket my bark is mushy, I could almost wipe it off with a towel kind of mushy. Thinking it could be a few different issues: 1. Using too much rub? 2. Stop using meat glue? I use mustard, but maybe I should stop. 3. Stop foiling? I use...
  4. Boshizzle

    BBQ Pork Butt au Naturel

    No rub on this one. Just the heat, the smoke, and the meat. It went on early one morning and smoked for about 8 hours, pulled it and let it rest in a cooler for two hours. It's tender, juicy, and very tasty. If you've never tried BBQ pork with a bark that isn't created by sugar and rub, you are...
  5. S

    bark vs no bark

    Just a quick question today, do you all prefer to debark your wood you are using to smoke with or leave the bark on. I have been told the bark can impart bitter smoke flavors. I use alot of apple and cherry and debarking can be a pain in the backside. Just trying to get the brethrens point of...
  6. G

    Pulled Pork bark

    I call this a good lookin bark (from a 5lb Boston butt i'm smoking as i'm posting ;)... U agree?
  7. L

    Bark on the flavor wood

    I cam across a bunch of plum and apple wood I plan on using as flavor chunks. It all has the bark still on it. I've heard that bark can make for bitter smoke? Should I remove the bark? I've seen a lot of stick burners who burn the bark and all...Any advise would be appreciated!
  8. P

    Weber Bullet

    I've been using a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker for a few years. I consistently turn out some good que. BUT I have problems building up a layer of bark . Is it even possible to get good bark with a water smoker or do I need to step up to something with indirect heat? Any help would be...
  9. A

    Lose bark on pork when foiled

    I just took a pork butt off the smoker (WSM) which I had wrapped at 165F when it had nice color and bark. I put a marinade at the bottom of the foil (not on top of the meat) and put the wrapped butt back on the smoker which was staying between 135-150 degrees internally. When I took the butt...
  10. Boshizzle

    BlackHawk Brisket Version 1.0 - The Details

    This brisket recipe was inspired by a renowned 19th century Virginia beef BBQ cook everyone called "Blackhawk." I will be sharing more details about him soon. Until then, this is my tribute to Blackhawk and all the other great BBQ cooks that don't get their due. They put their heart and soul...
  11. R

    Need help (smoking ribs) please

    Thought I would post a few questions in here because this is only my third time smoking ribs and never pork loin back ribs. it is for a few buddies so i dont want to ruin the meat they paid for. Also they requested the meat to be "falling off the bones" even if that is not considered the proper...
  12. jetfxr27

    *First Brisket. Whole Packer. UDS. ProN.

    Ok, so I have done a couple free range brisketts. But they were trimmed and also included other parts of the cow. So those two don't count. I followed Popdaddy's youtube video the closest. Which is the best BBQ videos on the internet! Love the...