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babyback ribs

  1. ShadowDriver

    Duke City Shenanigans - Thai-Inspired Ribs w/ Pr0n

    CINCHOUSE asked for an old favorite from our Buccs "back in the day." I pulled a few things together... fish sauce, shallot, soy sauce, lime juice, Thai red chile, garlic... I removed the bottom membrane from the ribs, rolled the rack, and eased them into a large zip-top bag, added the...
  2. S

    Tri-tip & Babybacks

    My wife and son are on vacation for a few days, work got in the way for me this go around so I stayed home but I decided I was eating well. Last night I took a tri-tip over to a buddy's house. I made some tators quartered up, drizzled with truffle oil, sea salt and a little pepper and garlic...
  3. martyleach

    My best Babybacks ever!! with pron. Thanks CBBQA!

    I attended a BBQ class sponsored by the Californial BBQ Association this weekend. It was awesome and I would recommend any of the brethren in this state to attend one sometime. I got serious training on every meat I love! The instructors were competitive cookers and willing to pass on some great...