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  1. D

    Thanksgiving 2019

    We spent Thanksgiving with good friends and neighbors and their family. We were tasked with providing the dressing and a pecan pie. The pie we bought from Costco but for the dressing I made my favorite Cranberry, Apple and Walnut dressing. (Recipe can be found here...
  2. D

    Our Thanksgiving Bird

    As there was just 3 of us this time and we have stuff in boxes still we decided to just do a chicken instead of a turkey. I wanted to jazz it up a little so I went with a recipe I’ve done before. See Link: I...
  3. N

    PBS question...

    So my pit barrel cooker is arriving this afternoon... My question is, I'm planning on doing a chicken to break it in and I have some apple chunks. How many chunks for 1 whole chicken, halved?
  4. D

    Kamado Cast Iron Apple Pie

    With Granny Smith apples on sale and seeing some recent Apple Pie cooks, I decided to give a pie a whirl. Reviewed John Setzler's video and some others. Then reviewed our go to recipe and made a few tweaks and came up with this below. I took 6 Granny Smith’s and 4 Fuji’s. Peeled them, sliced...
  5. D

    Rosemary Sage Apple Chicken

    I got the inspiration for this cook from keeperovdeflame. Here are most of the ingredients for the chicken. I diced up one apple very fine and placed in a bowl. Minced the Rosemary & Sage and into the bowl. 1 1/2 tbsp. of Montreal Chicken rub. 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 1/4 tsp. cinnamon. Enough...
  6. K

    Looking for Apple Wood in the Nothshore, Boston

    Hi, Does anyone know were i can get a cord of Apple firewood in northshore Boston or NH area?
  7. G

    Brining pork belly?

    I've got some pork belly, I was curious about doing an apple brine and applewood smoke combo on some of it. Does anybody have any suggestions for it? I have done several cures and smokes on belly before to make bacon, and I've used it for bahn mi so I'm not unfamiliar with the meat.
  8. G

    Brining/Curing Belly

    I just got some pork belly. I'd like to do an apple cure and/or brine. Then smoke it and braise it to cook it through and until tender. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions or recipe recommendation for this. I've done a few cures/smokes on belly to make bacon and braised belly for bahn...
  9. T

    Pastrami Questions

    I want to try making pastrami pretty soon. So right now I'm looking at brisket, a dry cure, then smoking. I know that corned beef is often done with a brine, but I prefer to use a dry cure if possible. However I'd like to end up with those nice thin slices you see piled up in photos of deli...
  10. B

    Saturday "Apple" Baby Backs

    here are pics of some BB's i cooked yesterday. why am i calling them "apple" BB's you ask? well... that would be b/c i smoked them with apple wood, hit them with some apple juice during the foil phase and then glazed them with a homemade apple BBQ sauce :-D they were tender enough to fall off...
  11. Tango Joe

    Fatty ~ With Leftovers?

    Seems like there are fatties flying all over the place so thought that I had better get one in! Yesterday was a sort of clean out the fridge day, as there was a some of this and little of that sitting in there. I figured make the most of the small portions and make something interesting...
  12. plethoraofpinatas

    Usability of free/found wood?

    I found this post on Craigslist, from a guy who has oak and apple wood logs free for the taking. My question is, is cut wood that may have been sitting outside in the elements safe to smoke with? I wouldn't use any rotting wood, but if the logs look clean, is there any reason to be concerned?
  13. M

    Applewood - too smoky?

    Is it just my luck with Apple wood, but does anyone else find it to be a bit too smoky? I have used Texas Smoke Smoking Chunks as well as some 9 month aged apple wood from my parents' back yard (the same tree I remember planting about [age-avoiding censor] years ago) and every time it seems to...
  14. M

    Cobb Meal - Carmelized Shallots, Chicken (& Apple Cobbler)

    Fired up the Cobb on Sunday. Made Grilled Chicken, Carmelized Shallots and Apple Cobbler with 11 briquettes. Plus microwaved spaghetti squash. (Apples and squash from the garden.) This cook used 3 different Cobb accessories — frypan, grill and rack. First on were the shallots as the frypan...