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    Can I buy 5pcs of grill mats?

    Hello, buddy: Recently I have a family BBQ party, I need to buy some grill mats from the Amazon, I found this product more with my requirements, more importantly, it is the price is cheaper, 5pcs only $10.99, I need to buy 50pcs , So that it can save me a portion of the...
  2. J

    Thermapens are $96. Don't pay more!

    There has been some price confusion brought on by unauthorized Thermapen sellers flooding eBay and Amazon with overpriced Thermapens. Some charging as much as $199. Don’t buy from these sellers! Buy direct from, or a local authorized dealer. You shouldn’t pay more than about $96...
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    All in good spirited fun...Help create an Amazon Wish List for BBQ

    Good Afternoon Brethren! Palehorse here, recent small scale RGC, and now I am looking to improve what I bring to competition. While a money-is-no-object list can be fun, and I hope to have some items in here that foot that This Spa or This Generator, I want to know what y'all have...